Latest On Obama Health Care Reform

  • Mitt Romney Suggested Three Times In 2009 That Obama Imitate Romneycare

    Republican Presidential front runner Mitt Romney has taken heat from his rival for a 2009 USA today op-ed touting RomneyCare, including the individual mandate as model for national health reform. But the former Massachusetts Governor’s op-ed wasn’t the only time he thought the President could “learn” from Massachusetts. In the three clips below from the summer of 2009 Romney seemed to express support for the President imitating RomneyCare for national health reform.

    Andrew Kaczynski 2 years ago 8 responses

  • lol

    Obama Health Care Logo

    Everyone’s searching for Barack Obama’s health care logo online right now after Rush Limbaugh mentioned how a right-wing blog thinks it looks like something from Nazi Germany. Wings over a circle! It’s vaguely reminiscent of other famous logos, too. View List ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago 38 responses