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  • Obamatourage

    Picture the Obama administration as a bunch of ambitious young bros, add in Hillary Clinton as a bull in a pantsuit with a mouth like a sailor, and this is what you get. P.S. We’re still patiently waiting for the W.-era Mama’s Family parody. Watch Video ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 9 responses

  • The Obama Corps

    Barack Obama is trying to figure out what to do with the millions of volunteers and supporters from his campaign. The LA Times says one of the options being discussed is creating a nonprofit service organization to help victims of natural disasters. OK, we all know Barack Obama looks great in a bathing suit and is our new bicycle and everything, but surely there’s a way to encourage volunteerism that doesn’t make it sound like he’s building a personal army.

    Sarah Morgan 5 years ago respond

  • Obama Team Hotties

    There is no shortage of hot nerds in Obama’s new administration. Meet Timothy Geithner, future Treasury Secretary and snowboarding hipster-wonk, and Desiree Rogers, Harvard MBA turned White House Social Secretary. AG Eric Holder is also easy on the eyes, and there’s more to come—we haven’t even heard anything about the DOD. Say what you will about Rumsfeld, but he was a looker. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond

  • Henry Waxman

    In a secret ballot vote, California Rep. Henry A. Waxman has dethroned longtime Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell, upending a seniority system that has governed Democratic politics in the House for decades. The world is being turned upside its head! In a good way. This is considered a win for environmentalists and a big defeat for the auto industry. Read More ›

    Peggy Wang 5 years ago respond

  • Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State

    The former Democratic frontrunner has accepted Obama’s offer and will be the next Secretary of State, according to the Guardian. Clinton, however, will be prohibited from entering the Oval Office without supervision, as rumor has it that she’s already hatched a plan to handcuff herself to the Prez’s desk.

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

  • Email Vetting

    The Obama administration is asking prospective high-ranking hires to disclose any “electronic communication…that could be a possible source of embarrassment.” It feels creepy and slightly invasive until you remember Mark Foley. And then it makes sense. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond