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  • 2008 Obama Ads Promised To End Tax Break For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas

    A new ad from the Obama campaign today attacked Mitt Romney saying outsourcing occurred during his time at Bain Capital and says the President favors tax cuts for companies that don’t ship jumps overseas. In 2008, Obama ran several ads attacking John McCain for outsourcing, and said he would also end tax breaks for companies that ship jumps overseas during his first term as president.

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  • Obama Promised To Sign The Freedom Of Choice Act On Day One, Hasn’t Touched The Issue Since

    The legislation would make abortion rights government policy. The President promised to sign the bill it “first thing” as President during a speech to Planned Parenthood in 2008. In an April 2009 speech the President said the bill was not his “highest legislative priority. The bill won’t pass the Republican House, and he hasn’t touched the issue since.

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  • Robert Gibbs

    Barack Obama’s Press Secretary is quite the ballbuster, and has no qualms with firing back at media outlets that seem determined to smear the Prez-elect (and, yes, we’re talking about Fox News). Read More ›

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