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  • Maurice Sendak

    The beloved children’s writer and illustrator — of books like Where The Wild Things Are and Chicken Soup With Rice — recently turned 80, and is still as sad, angry, and misanthropic as ever. After undergoing triple-bypass surgery and losing his partner of 50 years, Sendak is a dark and depressing figure who has brilliantly managed to provide generations of adoring children with a legendary canon of fantasy subversively steeped in his own gloomy disposition. Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

  • Live From Daryl’s House

    Daryl Hall (the half of Hall & Oates without the mustache) has a web series on which he invites contemporary pop artists like Gym Class Heroes and KT Tunstall to jam at his in-home studio. Leave your sense of ironic appreciation at the door. This guy proves that rock gods not only exist, but that they can come with a gorgeous head of hair. Read More ›

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