Norm Coleman

  • 2008 Recounts

    A few Senate races have come to that most dreaded of political results: the recount. Norm Coleman leads funnyman Al Franken by only a few hundred votes in MN, and GA may require recounts as well. Alaska remains too close to call, which, regardless of outcome, means a felon was this close to retaining his Senate seat. So I think that overall, Alaska can really feel good about itself this election. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond

  • Awkward Press Conference

    Minnesota senator Norm Coleman has been accused of receiving suits as a gift from businessman and friend Nasser Kazeminy. Watch as his campaign manager fields the questions with the same broken record response. It seems like a standard “non-answer” political dodge, but when the press decides to stick with the issue, it gets incredibly awkward. Watch Video ›

    Taylor Magenheim 6 years ago respond

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