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    25 Albums You Need To Hear Before You Go To College

    Here are the absolute basics for future college students. Music 101. This is not a necessarily “cool” list. Making a “cool” music list is impossible as this list would have to be updated and changed everyday. This is simply a list of some of the most noteworthy albums of the last decade that many modern college kids are into nowadays. Use this as a jumping off point and eventually find your own tastes.

    Todd Van Luling 3 years ago 218 responses

  • Holland, 1945

    The Dutch people had a tumultuous 1945 as they lived through the gruesome final moments of the last great war only to find themselves fully liberated mere months later. Here are 45 photographs of Holland in 1945 from the fall of hell to the rise of freedom and make sure to listen to one of the greatest songs ever written with the same name as this post while you view these. View List ›

    Todd Van Luling 3 years ago 29 responses