• Natasha

    “Invisible People” seeks to give voices to the often overlooked homeless population. This interview with Natasha, a 22-year-old in London who has been homeless for four years, is heartbreaking.

    Perez 2 years ago 9 responses

  • Natasha: ‘Feral’ Russian Girl Raised by Cats, Dogs

    A 5-year-old Russian girl named Natasha has been found after spending her life being raised by cats and dogs in a filthy apartment in Siberia. Although Natasha (who is now under the care of psychologists) does play with other children, she often lunges like a dog and exhibits many of the characteristics of the animals who raised her. Natasha’s condition (‘Mowgli Syndrome’) is reminiscent of other so-called ‘feral children,’ including Oxana Malaya. Read More ›

    Ryan Northover 5 years ago 10 responses

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