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  • Amanda Seyfried Has A Taxidermy Collection

    As if you needed another reason to like Amanda Seyfried: she has a mini-horse, an owl named Beatrix, a chick named Linda, and some butterflies in her personal taxidermy collection. So Conan did what any gentleman would do: he gave her the show’s stuffed raccoon wearing a jet pack. Amanda flipped out.

    Whitney Jefferson 2 years ago 30 responses

  • Cake Vs. ‘N Sync: Three Charts

    This week, Cake has the No. 1 album on the Billboard chart. I know, right? However, they made it there with the lowest-selling No. 1 opening of all-time: “Showroom Of Compassion” sold just 44,000 copies in its first week. In March of 2000, ‘N Sync set the record for the biggest-selling No. 1 opening of all time with “No Strings Attached,” which moved 2.4 million copies. Here, now, are three different Google charts about those numbers. It’s science. View List ›

    Scott Lamb 3 years ago 17 responses