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Latest On Movie Soundtracks

  • Songs For An Imaginary Wes Anderson Movie

    NPR recently did a feature on how the “Moonrise Kingdom” director develops his amazing, moody soundtracks. The “Wes Anderson sound” is impossible to nail down to one era or genre alone, although a healthy dose of forgotten or under-appreciated ’60s-’70s rockers is a requirement… Mostly, though, all of his soundtracks share a certain, specific je ne sais quoi that I wanted to try to recreate for my fantasy soundtrack.

    Summer Anne Burton 2 years ago

  • viral

    10 Inappropriate Movie Soundtracks

    With the right soundtrack, a good movie scene can become brilliant. The following soundtrack suggestions, however, would have gotten the directors fired. A thanks to those responsible for creating these, and in particular a large thank you to Boonehams for taking the concept of inappropriate soundtracks and making some truly wonderful and hilarious pieces. View List ›

    Ash 4 years ago