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  • Feminism In Faith: Four Women Who Are Revolutionizing Organized Religion

    The first publicly ordained Orthodox Jewish female rabbi; an attorney leading the campaign to ordain Mormon women; a nun whose career was threatened for daring to question the Virgin Mary as a symbol of subservience; a Muslim journalist whose organization is re-translating the Qur’an’s most controversial verse. Bringing change to institutions entrenched in centuries of tradition takes a very specific kind of fighting spirit.

    Sigal Samuel 4 months ago 146 responses

  • BuzzFeed Special Report: The Hill Cumorah Pageant

    This weekend saw the 75th annual Hill Cumorah pageant in Palmyra, New York, where thousands of Mormons gathered to reenact the founding of their religion. As McKay Coppins reports, the pageant this year was freighted with extra meaning as a Mormon candidate seeks the office of the President; meanwhile, Katie Notopoulos weighs in on what was Fab and what was Drab at the event.

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  • Mormon Panic Hits U.K.

    Here are some ominous highlights from the BBC’s new documentary on just how weird and scary Mormonism really is. Among the ludicrous discoveries about America: “There’s an unwritten law: Don’t mention Mormonism.”

    McKay Coppins 2 years ago 36 responses