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  • Feedback Of New Facebook Profiles

    Looks like the new Facebook pages have finally arrived. The new layout is now officially live! Some of the new changes include prominent pictures, top interests showcased as images and more! Mashable users have already begun to voice their opinions about the new interface. Yay or nay? Check out the consensus here!

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  • Facebook 2009 Revenue Was Almost $800 Million

    Facebook’s revenue in 2009 was nearly $800 million and the company turned a part of it into a solid net profit, according to Reuters, who cites two sources familiar with the situation. The number is significantly higher than earlier 2009 estimates of $500 million, and even the projected $710 million of revenue in 2010. Facebook, as usual, declines to comment on any of these numbers, but we know that it became cash-flow positive in 2009.

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  • Attend One of Mashable’s 340+ Social Media Day Meetups

    Mashable is hosting the first-ever worldwide Social Media Day celebration on June 30 and you’re invited. Last week, we announced Social Media Day—a global celebration of the revolution of media becoming social. Readers responded enthusiastically by signing up to organize or attend more than 340 meetups in 74 different countries.

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  • Meet Yahoo!’s New CTO

    Nearly two months after losing Chief Technology Officer Ari Balogh, Yahoo has promoted Chief Architect Raymie Stata to take his place, effective immediately. Stata is charged with overseeing all of Yahoo’s technologies and leading the technical strategy and direction of the company.

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  • Skype iPhone 3G App Downloaded 5 Million Times

    On Sunday, Skype 2.0 was launched for the iPhone 3G, bringing a long-sought feature to the table: making calls over 3G. By now, 5 million users downloaded the application from the iTunes Store, showing just how important this feature was to users. Unfortunately, the new feature came with an unpleasant announcement; after August 2010, Skype will start charging a monthly fee for the 3G calling feature on top of whatever fee you’re already paying your mobile operator for data transfer.

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  • New Protocol Attempts to Standardize Sharing

    OExchange is something average end users may never hear, see or talk about. But to open web advocates and people involved in web standards, it’s an important step in connecting the services, content, people and actions around the Internet. Some big-name web companies (Google and Microsoft, for example) and some well-known web luminaries (Chris Messina and Chris Saad, for example) are involved in the push to make OExchange the standard link-sharing protocol across thousands and thousands of websites and communities.

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  • New App Helps You “Game” Foursquare Mayorships

    Part of Foursquare’s appeal is the mystery, the sense of flying blind when you’re trying to earn a badge or mayorship. No one really knows how many times you must check into a location to become mayor. Well, wonder no more, Foursquare users. has come to the rescue.

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  • Car Sharing Service Zipcar Files for $75 Million IPO

    Zipcar, Inc. has just filed the necessary SEC paperwork to prepare an initial public offering (IPO) of shares of its common stock. Zipcar, founded in 2000, is a company that operates in urban areas and college campuses around the U.S., UK and Canada. Their product is one of ultimate convenience: For non-car-owning members, Zipcar rents out by the hour or the day more than 30 makes and models of self-service cars and trucks.

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  • Twitpic Lets You Group Photos by Event

    Twitpic is now letting users organize their images by event, including description information and tags for each photo in the group. Similar to a Flickr set, Twitpic’s Events feature lets users organize, define and showcase their snaps quickly and easily, all while making the discovery process easier for both humans and web crawlers.

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  • 10 Adorable Apple-Themed Baby Accessories

    Congratulations, it’s a Mac! If you want to ensure that your offspring stay on the Apple side of the technology tracks, then start ‘em young while they are still highly impressionable. Here are some of the most adorable Apple-themed baby bits and bobs that will keep your new bundle of joy Cupertino-clad.

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  • How To Leverage Twitter for Hiring

    Sharlyn Lauby is the president of Internal Talent Management (ITM) which specializes in employee training and human resources consulting. She authors a blog at are using Twitter for just about everything from ecommerce to legislative awareness.

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  • Support Social Good on Your Blog

    Ford has generously offered to make a donation to Mashable’s Summer of Social Good Charity Fund. 50 of their Ford Fiesta Movement Agents will be donating $2 per retweet for this post up to 3,000 retweets.

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