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  • MacRumors Hit by Hackers

    Those fun-loving pranksters over at 4Chan have been busy today. In addition to (allegedly) getting a crude visual reminder of 9/11 to rise to the top of Google Trends, they managed to take over the live feed for the MacRumors live-blog coverage of today’s Macworld keynote address. After announcing that Steve Jobs had died, they moved on with lightning speed to an endless string of penis jokes (which may have undermined their credibility somewhat). View Image ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago respond

  • Steve Jobs is Dying (Maybe)

    Another round of Steve Jobs Deathwatch rumors are flying after his Macworld keynote cancellation. Apple shares fell 2 percent today on the report. Similar rumors circulated after Jobs’ gaunt appearance during the 3G iPhone launch, so as always, take everything with a grain of salt. He beat pancreatic cancer 4 years ago but kept it a secret until it was clear he was recovering. Apple fans, investors, and industry watchers are hoping that won’t be repeated. Get well soon, Steve! Read More ›

    Eric Buth 6 years ago 1 response