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    A Tribute To Mom Fashion

    Moms are the original hipsters: pure beings uncorrupted by irony. Let’s hear it for moms, the most unpretentious people in the world. They’ve been shaping fashion since before you were even born. Here are some of their signature looks — and a look at how their kids have totally stolen them.

    Peggy Wang a year ago 166 responses

  • 15 Ridiculous Title/Picture Pairings On Lookbook

    Now, I’m no stranger to, the exclusive communal fashion blog, and admit to having gone on the site for a bit of wardrobe inspiration on more than one occasion. However, I’ve found that what many lookbook users love more than pictures of themselves wearing lace in the woods is matching said pictures with irrelevant titles. Ah well, it’s probably a song lyric or something too deep for me to understand anyway. View List ›

    Stephanie 2 years ago 101 responses

  • Ebay Launches LOOKBOOK, Helps You Keep Your Friends

    Do your friends’ roll their eyes when you walk into the room? If you’ve showered lately, then it could be all of the random mismatched clothes you’ve won on Ebay. Thanks to the newly launched Ebay LOOKBOOK, the days of blind shopping are over. You can now go for the complete look you’ve always wanted without stretching your wallet.

    MelisBuzzFeed 3 years ago 7 responses