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  • Verne Troyer Sues Over Sex Tape

    Troyer has filed a $20-million suit against TMZ, claiming the company violated his right of publicity by distributing the sex tape According to Troyer, the tape was stolen and given to Richard Blatt, the responsible party for the leakage of “One Night in Paris.” Blatt has also been listed as a defendant. There’s something undeniably suspicious about how these sex tapes always manage to get “stolen.” Read More ›

    John Redmond 6 years ago respond

  • Devo vs. McDonald’s & American Idol

    Consummate 80’s new wave group, Devo, sue McDonald’s and American Idol over Happy Meal toy. The alliterative toy, named “New Wave Nigel,” was distributed in Happy Meals during the month of April along with a handful of others. “Gee, that hat looks kind of familiar.” “Yeah, it looks exactly like Devo’s trademarked and copyrighted ‘Energy Dome.’” Interestingly, Devo was not contacted by either party involved in the production of the toy and are rightfully pissed, stating quite bluntly, “we don’t like McDonald’s, and we don’t like, American Idol so we’re doubly offended.” View Image ›

    John Redmond 6 years ago 3 responses

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