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  • The Episode Of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” That Might Bring Middle Eastern Peace

    Famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz sent this episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the hopes it might jump-start peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Seriously. The episode is called “Palestinian Chicken,” in which Larry eats at a restaurant called Al-Abbas. The president of Palestine is Mahmoud Abbas. Har. A Pax Palestina is sure to blossom.

    Gavon Laessig 2 years ago 24 responses

  • Larry David’s Laws Of Society

    Curb Your Enthusiasm depicts Larry David as many things: menace, juicer, friend of lesbians, foe to black swans, and social assassin. But perhaps his most underrated role is that of law enforcer: Larry takes the unwritten laws of society very seriously and makes it his mission to prowl the streets of L.A., calling any and everyone out for minor social indiscretions. Here’s some of his rules you should keep in mind. 2 years ago respond