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  • John Edwards Indicted

    After a lengthy investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, the former senator and presidential candidate has been indicted for conspiracy and false statements, charges that stem from payments he made to mistress Rielle Hunter. Federal prosecutors believe Edwards illegally used campaign funds to try and cover up the affair, and resulting love child, with Hunter. View List ›

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  • John Edwards’ Sex Tape

    The Stupidest Politician of the 21st Century (to date) allegedly made a sex tape with his New-Agey mistress Rielle Hunter. If this really exists, I hope Elizabeth Edwards goes back on Oprah to do a live reaction video, or whatever else will shame John while making things more awkward than they already are. Update: Gawker has two sources who claim the tape exists!!! Read More ›

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  • Jay McInerney

    His twenty-year old novel, Story of My Life, based on the life of Edwards’ mistress when she was a young adult, is soaring in sales rankings all of a sudden. He described her character as “cocaine addled” and “sexually voracious”. Aw, the young big-city nihilists are all grown-up now! Read More ›

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  • Rielle Hunter

    This is John Edwards’ mistress. The John Edwards extra-marital affair/love child story has resurfaced after the National Enquirer says it followed Edwards to a tryst with Hunter at a hotel in Los Angeles. Read More ›

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  • Edwards Endorses Obama

    Edwards is expected to make his announcement at a rally in Michigan tonight. Edwards has held out for a long time, and his wife still appears to be supporting Clinton, but Edwards has recently been saying Obama is “clearly the nominee,” and his endorsement will come tonight. Read More ›

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