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  • CIA Chief: Putin “Laid A Public Predicate” For Possible Moves Into Eastern Ukraine

    Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations Tuesday, CIA director John Brennan said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had laid out a public case for moving Russian troops beyond Crimea and into eastern Ukraine. Brennan said Putin “has expressed concern about Russian compatriots. Either Russian citizens or Russian speaking individuals in the eastern part of Ukraine that might be subject to some sort of sectarian violence.”

    Andrew Kaczynski a year ago 4 responses

  • Nude TSA Protester Disrobes For Justice

    Turn the other cheek. This is John E. Brennan, and he converts airport screenings into acts of civil disobedience by putting the “body” back into “full body search.” Here he is yesterday at the Portland International Airport. Because of course this was in Portland.

    Gavon Laessig 2 years ago 63 responses