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  • Fox To Time Warner: We Are Done

    One day after withdrawing their offer to buy Time Warner, Rupert Murdoch and top deputy Chase Carey made clear they have moved on from the deal. In making those comments, which came as Fox reported fiscal fourth quarter 2014 earnings, the company puts the pressure squarely on Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes to perform.

    Peter Lauria 8 months ago 10 responses

  • Time To Buy Or Time To Sell

    As the annual Sun Valley conference hosted by investment bank Allen & Co. gets underway in Idaho this week, the eyes of the media world will be on Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes. After years of spinning off assets and slimming down his company, observers are wondering if Time Warner is a buyer or a seller. Does Bewkes want to buy a company like Discovery or sell to someone like Rupert Murdoch’s Fox?

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  • Moneymen Are Taking Over Time Warner

    Phil Kent, the longtime head of Turner Broadcasting, announced Wednesday that he was leaving the company, to be replaced by John Martin, the current chief financial officer of Time Warner. The elevation of Martin puts another business, rather than creative, executive in charge of a Time Warner division.

    Peter Lauria a year ago 3 responses