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    U.S. House Passes Bill Requiring ISPs To Track All Online Activities

    The House of Representatives yesterday passed an extremely disturbing bill that everyone needs to know about. The bill, H.R. 1981 requires your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to track and record for 12 months all your online activities such as what web sites you visit and what content you post online. Read the full story and find out what you can do to help prevent this bill from becoming law here. View Image ›

    David Shares 2 years ago 163 responses

  • Verizon Blocks 4Chan

    Ruh-Roh. The status blog for 4Chan (the evil heart of the Internet) is reporting that they have been “explicitly blocked” by Verizon. Two big things this means if it’s deliberate: 1) We’re entering some uncomfortable territory where ISPs block sites for subjective reasons. 2) 4Chan will have their revenge!!1 For great justice? Come, on, guys, please? I’m bored. (Via Scott.) Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 4 years ago 12 responses