Latest On iPod Touch

  • Classics For The iPhone

    A soon-to-be-released app for the iPhone handsomely packages classic books for touch screen reading. If I could figure out how to update my hacked iPhone, I would totally get this.

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago respond

  • MacBook Touch

    Rumor has it that Apple will soon be releasing a MacBook Touch. Perhaps as early as October. The Apple rumor mill is running at full steam. While none of the sources will eschew the “rumor” label, they certainly aren’t holding back on details. Sources claim that the new product will function very similarly to the iPod Touch and iPhone, and will take the form of a tablet of sorts. Whether or not any of this is actually true seems less important than how awesome it all sounds, but since when was the truth important?…Don’t quote me on that. Read More ›

    John Redmond 6 years ago respond