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  • iBreath

    The iBreath is an accessory for your iPod that functions just like a breathalyzer. To use the iBreath, you just exhale into the attachment, and your iPod will tell you what your blood-alcohol content is in seconds. If you’re over the limit, it sets off a handy little alarm to let you know it’s time to pull over the car and sleep in a ditch somewhere. This clever product, which has been in development for two years and is finally ready for sale this week, is particularly useful for people who have trouble figuring out if they’re drunk or not. Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago respond

  • Apple Apples

    A Fuji, Japan apple grower expressed his love of Apple on his apples. Apple. Woah, apple’s one of those words that looks reeeally weird the more you write it. Anyways, he did it with stickers. How about them apples? View Image ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago respond

  • Audiowrapz

    Who needs a clunky old iPhone when you can play music through your third-generation iPod Nano into one of these sleeves with built-in speakers? Reviews are mixed, but it’s a safer bet than lugging around a boombox (if you just arrived from fifteen years ago, that is). Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

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