• Apple Introduces Chairlift

    The new commercial for the 4th generation iPod Nano is out which also means the next big indie band is about to go mainstream. The song playing over all those pretty colors is “Bruises” by a group called Chairlift. By being featured in the commercial, they’ve received the Apple touch which grants one lucky, obscure band instant stardom. At this point, Apple has proven that every time an ipod is created, an indie band gets their wings. Read More ›

    Taylor Magenheim 6 years ago respond

  • New iPod Nano

    The new Nano features a voice recorder, neat colors. It’s also super thin and has an accelerometer — meaning you can watch videos in widescreen mode and shake to shuffle your playlist — but most importantly it looks like delicious candy. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago respond

  • 90210 iPod

    The CBS store is offering a Limited Edition Beverly Hills, 90210 iPod Nano. If you’ve been considering investing in one of these new-fangled MP3 player thingamajigs but haven’t yet been able to find one that combines your penchant for ’90s teen soap operas and streamlined pocket-sized electronics, this is the answer. The question is: Does it come loaded with MP3s of Hippie Chick, Wicked Game, and David Silver’s You’re So Precious to Me? Read More ›

    Leti 6 years ago respond

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