Latest On Hot Girlfriends

  • Yvette Prieto

    Meet Michael Jordan’s new lady friend. There’s a sudden renewed interest in Michael Jordan’s love life. He got divorced in 2006, and the latest intel says he’s now dating Prieto, a Cuban model who once went out with Julio Iglesias Jr. Read More ›

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  • Nadal’s Hot Girlfriend

    The Wimbledon champ’s previously secret GF (we missed her in our hot tennis girlfriends round-up) is secret no more. Meet Maria Francesca “Xisca” Perello, world. They’ve kept their relationship on the down-low until this most recent victory for Nadal, so that their public lives wouldn’t become a distraction. Warm up those heartstrings: “Xisca is quite close to the entire Nadal family — particularly with Rafael’s grandmother.” Aw. Read More ›

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