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  • Rand Paul Takes Aim At The Neo-Cons

    Paul is branding his libertarian-leaning foreign policy as what the founders would have wanted. “It is time for all Americans, and especially conservatives, to become as critical and reflective when examining foreign policy as we are with domestic policy.”

    Rosie Gray 2 years ago 5 responses

  • When Mitt Romney First Introduced The Individual Mandate

    Mitt Romney often is attacked by conservatives for first implementing the cornerstone of ObamaCare, the individual mandate, in his state health care reform plan in 2006. Many Republicans forget that the idea was also heralded by a conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation. The following video shows Romney first introducing the individual mandate at Heritage in January 2006, while working with his legislature to craft a plan. Attached also is the powerpoint Romney gave with his speech.

    Andrew Kaczynski 3 years ago 2 responses