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  • Casey Johnson

    Casey Johnson is the latest ex-girlfriend of high-profile lesbian Courtenay Semel, who apparently set Casey’s hair on fire during a recent brawl. Casey, the “Band-Aid heiress,” had to be hospitalized, but Courtenay claims they are still friends, and everyone is ok with that because domestic abuse is just a “catfight” when lesbians are involved. But seriously, being a lesbian must be emotionally exhausting. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond

  • Courtenay Semel

    Meet Lindsay Lohan’s alleged first real girlfriend. Semel, daughter of former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, is back in the news for making out with Tila Tequila, but she also may have been the first girl Lohan fell for. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 6 years ago respond