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  • Inside The HDMI Cable Scam

    Cable makers and dealers make money exploiting the ignorance of TV buyers A “Higher Performance” HDMI cable from Monster advertises “faster speed” for 240Hz/480Hz video, even though the cable you use can’t affect the performance of 240Hz/480Hz smooth-motion technology in LCD TVs. Have you seen HDMI cables online or in stores labeled “120 Hz,” “240Hz” and “480 Hz”? It’s easy enough to slap such labels on HDMI cables but it’s a sham. HDMI cables can no more be manufactured for specific refresh-rate HDTVs than a garden hose can be manufactured specifically to water seeded lawns and sod lawns. The same water flows through either one. The same HDTV signal flows through all HDMI cables, whether labeled “120Hz” or “480Hz” — or not labeled at all.

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