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  • Obama Looked At Bigger Picture In Harvard Law Election

    Barack Obama’s election as President of the Harvard Law Review was a historic event for the African American community. It was the first time in 103 year history an African American had been elected to the position. In this clip from a 1990 interview, featured in the 2009 documentary “Becoming Barack,” Obama said it should be kept into perspective that in the “broader world” the “doors that have been opened to me haven’t been opened to them.”

    Andrew Kaczynski 2 years ago 13 responses

  • Barack Obama 1991 TV Appearance

    Back when POTUS was editor at the “Harvard Law Review,” the then-30-year-old paid his respects to attorney Charles Hamilton Houston in this intro to a “Black History Minutes” segment on TBS. He wasn’t even married to Michelle yet.

    Brian Abrams 3 years ago 68 responses