green economy

  • Never Greens

    The name for people who don’t buy into the green movement at all, and never will. Yes, there are people out there trying to buy bigger, lower gas mileage Hummers because they don’t believe in this whole “let’s try to save the Earth and thus ourselves” notion. And marketers want to find out how to sell things to those people. Read More ›

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  • Built Green Remodeling

    A program that offers homebuilders the opportunity to build “green homes” according to a certain standard of environmental performance. Real estate is for grown-ups, but for those considering new homes, building green is less cost-prohibitive than you think, and banks are even offering “green mortgages.” Time to start figuring out what an adjustable rate loan is. Read More ›

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  • Green Sex

    Green is sexy these days, so it was probably inevitable that eventually people would start offering tips about how to make your sex life more green. Ideas include all-natural lube, eco-undies, biodegradable condoms, and environmentally friendly sex toys. Some are even suggesting the old-fashioned DIY approach to dildos—after all, you can’t get much greener than a cucumber. Read More ›

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