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    WTF: Scientists Have Created A Glow In The Dark Dog?

    For some reason South Korean scientists have created a glow in the dark dog. They claim that it’s a great step in fighting Alzheimer’s and other diseases, as the gene that is used to make the dog glow can be replaced with other genes. And that may be. But this seems like the gateway experiment to becoming a bond villain. One minute your dog glows, the next, an army of super powered sharks with lasers for teeth. (via View List ›

    Jack Moore 3 years ago 38 responses

  • Glow In The Dark Dog

    First they created a flourescent cat, and now they’ve gone and made a fluorescent puppy! Ruby Puppy (Ruppy, for short) glows red when the lights are turned out. Supposedly her hue is due to a cloning method which might lead the way in helping to cure certain types of disease. It also would be great in case she ever gets lost: “Ruby Puppy is a beagle with brown spots, who glows red in the dark. Reward offered.” View Image ›

    Lindsey 5 years ago 17 responses

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