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  • time-waster

    Closure: Game Battle

    My new favorite Flash game: navigate these puzzling landscapes in the dark, but be sure to bring a light with you. Where there’s darkness, there’s nothing. I’m too enthusiastic about it to even talk any trash about whatever game Jack is rustling up. View Media ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago 13 responses

  • time-waster

    Game Battle: Collider

    Since Jack’s busy getting drunk on Guinness in Ireland, today won’t be much of a battle (not that it ever is with him), so just enjoy this distracting game. It’s a sort of Rube Goldberg puzzle challenge, in which you try to get positive and negative particles to collide and thus explode. If you, the Reader, want to join the fray however, add a game via the embed button on your profile page and hit me up at and we’ll see if we can get something going. Bring it! Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago 2 responses