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  • lol


    Come on you insane wordsmiths, you bone-crushing poets!!! COME AT ME!!! IT’S A POETRY BATTLE!!!!! Here’s how a poetry battle works: You submit your poems below, we’ll pick some winners, and we’ll film Jack reading them in his fancy British accent. It’s a fucking battle!!!!!! Watch Video ›

    Scott Lamb 4 years ago 22 responses

  • Game Battle: Drench

    Yep, it’s a link instead of an embed, but that’s just the price you have to pay sometimes. This is a new take on an old favorite: Fill the entire board in one color in a set amount of moves. Good luck!

    Scott Lamb 4 years ago 4 responses

  • Twin Shot 2 (Game Battle)

    I did not play Twin Shot (the original) so I can speak to it’s features, but this is a delightfully odd little game. Hint: If you can, get the heart arrows, they make everything run so smoothly. It’s also playable in two player mode, in case one of you co-editors wants to play it with you. View Media ›

    Scott Lamb 4 years ago 6 responses