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  • David Lynch Foundation Television

    The filmmaker and meditation guru has launched a website that celebrates “consciousness, creativity and bliss” in the ways only David Lynch can. DLTV will broadcast a live feed from backstage at his upcoming Change Begins Within concert, which teaches meditation techniques to kids. Let’s just hope no one gets too close to scheduled performer Ringo Starr, as he’s been a bit bristly these days.

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago respond

  • What Ever Happened to John Hughes?

    The reclusive ’80s auteur hasn’t directed since 1991. With John Hughes’ name popping up lately in association with Drillbit Taylor (it seems he cowrote the film under the psuedonym Edmond Dantes), we’ve been asking ourselves why this guy pulled a J.D. Salinger and quit while he was ahead. In retrospect even his relative failures, like Curly Sue and She’s Having a Baby seem pretty good. Read More ›

    BuzzFeed Classic 6 years ago 2 responses