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  • New Look For BuzzFeed!

    Most noticeably, we changed up our header to highlight the different feeds that you create by voting on buzz. And there are some very exciting changes in the pipeline (more scrollbars! lol, jk), including some awesome new awards (you can see all your awards on your profile page). And another secret thing. What do you think? Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 2 years ago 63 responses

  • Cheat at Viral Predictions With New Stats!

    We here at BuzzFeed have a confession to make. When we launched the Viral Prediction Game a few weeks ago some of us were using our cool internal stats tools to cheat. After reprimanding those responsible we thought: what if we gave everyone a little peak into how our viral tracking works? Well, now you can cheat too! Homepage posts with enough traffic will have a “View More Stats” button. Click it to see how much viral traffic it has, a graph of the Viral Lift for the last 3 days, and a few of the top referrers. You can’t tell for sure if it’s going to go viral, of course, but you can see if it’s getting any traction. It’s not really cheating if everyone’s doing it, right? View Image ›

    Chris Johanesen 4 years ago 10 responses

  • New Feature! Viral Reactions!!!

    We’re adding entries to the reaction stream for a post when we detect that it’s going viral and taking off online! Now, incoming links, tweets, searches, and other viral activity will be mixed in with your contributions, hearts and LOLs, so you can see when and how a post is taking off on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. We’re super excited about this new feature and would love to hear what you think! Check it out and let us know! View Image ›

    Chris Johanesen 4 years ago 14 responses