Latest On Fashion Motifs

  • Liberty of London

    The classic florals from Liberty of London have been everywhere. The cute florals show up in Chloe Sevigny’s line for Opening Ceremony, and just recently on some adorable Nike hightops. Due to the popularity of the “Liberty Print’ keyword, its now impossible to find an affordable early 90s floral frock on eBay. Read More ›

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  • McMakeover

    Famous tailor Bruce Oldfield has redesigned McDonald’s uniforms for its UK staff with darker tones, three piece suits and pencil skirts. Don’t be surprised next time you order a Whopper from a lady in white gloves and an evening gown - the fast food wars are vicious. Read More ›

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  • Mushroom Fashion

    Mushroom motifs are everywhere. Somehow at the intersection of Nu Rave and the whole woodland creatures, deer and beards thing, mushrooms are back. We wish we still had that Fimo clay Scooby Do mushroom necklace we got at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in ‘96. Read More ›

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  • Stars

    From Chanel and Alexander McQueen to Topshop and H&M, celestial motifs are everywhere. Now that stars patterns have hit high fashion, indie rockers and aspiring Suicide Girls are considering gingerbread man shapes for their next tattoo. Read More ›

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