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    Today’s Public Service Message: If you get a message from a friend on Facebook saying “Look at this,” do NOT go to the fake Facebook login page and enter your information. This should perhaps go without saying, but still: It’s a phishing scam. Tell everyone you know. Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 5 years ago 1 response

  • 25 Random Things

    Don’t quite understand why your friends on Facebook keep writing these lists with ‘25 Random Things’ about themselves? I don’t either. But The New York Times is now alerting the masses about how much fun it is! You thought it was bad before? Prepare for the onslaught.

    Lindsey 5 years ago 5 responses

  • Facebook Virus

    The Koobface virus is taking over Facebook. The virus sends a video link to users from an infected friend, with a message saying “You look just awesome in this video.” So even if you are totally certain that you did, in fact, look awesome riding a mechanical bull last night with the very friend who sent you the message, don’t click the link. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond