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  • Mistaken for Facebook

    ReadWriteWeb’s post Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login got the top Google search result for “Facebook Login.” Turns out the kind of people who need to do a Google search to find their Facebook page are also the kind of people who can’t tell one website from another. Scroll down to see the 400+ confused comments…

    Song H. 4 years ago 58 responses

  • Facebook Login

    People apparently Google-search for Facebook and then try logging in to any site that comes up. Read Write Web posted a story on the Facebook/AOL partnership coming up that had the words “Facebook” and “Login” in the headline; soon, they had dozens of comments on the site from people who’d tried to login to Facebook using the site’s comment field. They are so confused, and also so angry! Read More ›

    Scott Lamb 4 years ago 14 responses