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  • Boy Brutally Murdered By Syrian Forces Sparks Second Wave Of Uprising (NSFW)

    Horrifying video. Hamza Al-Khatib, a 13-year-old boy, was detained by Syrian forces at a checkpoint in the village of Jiza on April 29th. His barely recognizable corpse was returned to his parents nearly a month later. This video, filmed and posted on Youtube by his parents, details the horrific wounds covering Hamza’s body. He was beaten, burned, shot and had his genitals cut off. Hamza has since become a martyr for the Syrian rebellion. WARNING: Graphic video. Watch Video ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 70 responses

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    Video Of Protester Being Shot In Egypt

    Disturbing footage of a street protester being shot in Egypt. The condition and identity of the victim is unknown. They appear to have been participating in anti-government protests that have engulfed the Middle Eastern nation in the past few days. The Mubarak regime has imposed an internet and text messaging blackout in Egypt, presumably to stymie further organizing and prevent images such as these from sparking a Tunisia-style overthrow. Watch Video ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 45 responses