Delta Burke

  • Frankengaga

    GaGa’s latest fashion statement is a little bit Delta Burke, a little bit Herman Munster, and a whole lot of Office Max. It’s the Best Buy logo in the background that really nails down that avant-garde feel, though. WALK, WALK, FASHION, BABY! View Image ›

    Eliot Glazer 4 years ago 64 responses

  • Surprising YouTube Tribute Videos

    Something very important to YouTube is the art of the tribute video. From Paris Hilton to Rob Pattinson, they number in the thousands. But there’s always the occasional “WTF?” video featuring someone who might not be so deserving of a tribute vid. Urlesque collects some of the most surprising tribute vids. Whoever made the Jim Belushi one please REVEAL YOURSELF for immediate execution.

    Lindsey 4 years ago respond

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