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  • Fantastic Used Car Ad

    Without Craigslist we might never know about amazing deals like this 1997 Infiniti J30, for only $2200, with just a few tiny cosmetic and mechanical flaws, most of which “will go unnoticed if your passenger has had more than 4-5 alcoholic beverages.” (via Defamer)

    Sarah Morgan 5 years ago respond

  • McCain Campaign Clearance Sale

    For the last-minute holiday shopper or the Dell fan: a McCain-Palin Campaign clearance sale! Shop used Blackberrys, coffee tables, and Ethernet cables, all at bargain-basement prices. If you know someone in Arlington, VA, get them on the horn, because this is a piece of history that you don’t want to miss. Read More ›

    Amanda Dobbins 5 years ago respond