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  • How The Hilarious Cast Of "Wanderlust" Created Comedy Gold

    In theaters today is “Wanderlust,” the brainchild of Ken Marino and David Wain that stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd. Why is this movie so incredibly funny? Because it features an amazingly talented cast — filled with people who have worked together before in cult favorites like “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Party Down,” “Reno 911!” and “The State” — improvising their way through life at a commune. It’s a winning recipe, you see. [Jack’s Note: THIS IS NOT AN AD WHITNEY IS JUST REALLY INTO THIS MOVIE.]

    Whitney Jefferson 3 years ago 20 responses

  • David Wain And Ken Marino Love Special Effects

    You may think that their new movie “Wanderlust” is just a comedy starring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston that was shot on a hippie commune. You’d be totally wrong. The studio spent hundreds of millions of dollars on special effects. David and Ken explain where the money went.

    Jack Moore 3 years ago 9 responses

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    The “Wet Hot American Summer” Reunion Of Your Dreams

    What if I told you that most of the original cast of “Wet Hot American Summer” have reunited over the past few days at the San Francisco Sketchfest to perform the film as a radio play — and you missed it? Well, tough luck, burger breath: it happened and you missed it. Now stop expressing disappointment in your gurnal, put away your fondled sweaters, and check out some photos from the event.

    Whitney Jefferson 3 years ago 65 responses