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  • Google’s Most-Searched Terms of 2008

    Google Zeitgeist releases Google’s fastest rising search terms of 2008, meaning the ones that rose the most in frequency as compared to 2007. All the expected terms are there (Obama, Facebook, etc.) but, David Cook? Really, world?

    Lindsey 5 years ago respond

  • lol

    ‘Worst Day of My Life’

    The setup: “It was a pajama party for the girls, and they were going to watch the finals of American Idol. The two singers in the final were David Cooker and David Archuleta. The girls were all fans of David A. They hoped he would win. You can imagine their disappointment when they learned that the other David had won! Check out the girl in orange; she makes it all worth it.”

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago respond