Latest On Dance Crazes

  • “Teach Me How To Dougie”

    There is a new dance craze sweeping the nation and it’s called “Teach Me How to Dougie.” It’s the first single from hip-hop group Cali Swag District and it seems to pick up where Soulja Boy Tell Em’s “Crank That” left off. So break out your best Dougie and get swag with it! And If you aren’t able to figure it out from the official video, here’s a bunch of other people doing the Dougie. View List ›

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  • Pop-and-Lock Dancing

    Robert Muraine’s pop-and-lock style of dancing has impressed everyone, even those of us who don’t normally watch So You Think You Can Dance. He’s practically inhuman! No matter how much yoga you do, you’ll never get to this point of flexibility. Read More ›

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  • big

    Big Boi from Outkast teams up with Atlanta Ballet choreographer for an innovative musical performance, debuting in Atlanta. Unfortunately, all the dates are in Atlanta, but maybe this will open the door for some more genre-defying mash-ups, like My Chemical Romance on Ice or the Flaming Lips Cirque du Soleil Explosion. Read More ›

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  • Le Tabarnak

    The one-legged dance “craze” courtesy of Montreal’s hip-hop scene. This has the same kind of tongue-in-cheek quality as, say, wearing your clothes backwards. Or, it’s dead serious. It’s Canadian, and therefore hard to parse. Read More ›

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