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    Keith Olbermann Abruptly Leaves MSNBC

    Without warning to his audience or colleagues, Keith Olbermann aired his last episode of Countdown on MSNBC tonight. Here’s video of his farewell. No official reason was given other than his contract was up, but many speculate his abrupt departure is related to Comcast’s takeover of NBC Universal. Lawrence O’Donnell will take over the time slot. View List ›

    Gavon Laessig 3 years ago 52 responses

  • Lily Allen Quits Music

    Lily Allen announced today on her blog that she would not be renewing her recording contract and would no long be producing new albums or touring. The announcement comes only a week after she founded a new website devoted to anti-piracy that has been getting a lot of attention (both positive and negative) in the music world.

    Tanner Ringerud 4 years ago 17 responses