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  • Coco’s Adventures in Nature

    Coco finds a dead rotting baby shark and proceeds to use it to play fetch with her bulldog. She should definitely get her own show on National Geographic. I would TIVO the shit out of that. Click through for more links about Coco’s boobs, which in themselves are a crime against nature. Watch Video ›

    Peggy Wang 3 years ago 18 responses

  • Coco Tweets Her Bikini Wax

    Ice-T’s beautiful glamour model wife got yet ANOTHER Twitter picture banned today. She tweeted an image of her vadge waxing session at Blu Salon in New Jersey for her fans. “Getting a bikini wax. She’s about to pull the cloth strip off of my crotch. Yikes! A little pain is worth it.” Now if only there was some kind of cameltoe-prevention procedure…. View Image ›

    Tabloid Prodigy 4 years ago 87 responses