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  • time-waster

    Civiballs 2

    Inca, Roman and Vikings Civilizations + Balls = Civiballs 2! Get the balls into the amphorae. This is exactly like the original, except with all-new levels. Which is good, since the original is a whole lot of fun.

    CasuaLars 5 years ago 4 responses

  • time-waster

    Civiballs (Game Battle!)

    Civiballs is an awesome physics-based puzzler. Cut the chains so the balls go into the amphora of the right color. For this week’s Game Battle, the loser will be the person whose game gets the most abuse in the comments. I did not want to do it this way, because I just want everyone to get along, but Scott (who also hates puppies, unicorns, and Obama) is just so full of anger these days that there’s no reasoning with him. So please play Civiballs, then go to Scott’s game and heckle the crap out of it. Feel free to just let it all out. Thank you! Read More ›

    Jack Shepherd 5 years ago 18 responses