child geniuses

  • Karina Oakley

    Karina Oakley, genius toddler, has an IQ of 160, which is the same as Stephen Hawking’s. The 2-year-old took the Mensa test after her mom saw a show about child geniuses, and she scored off the charts. She can remember foreign words and phrases after hearing them just once, and she seems to have a gift for lateral thinking as well: When asked what was missing from a picture of a broken teapot, she said: “It’s missing a handle - but also a picnic blanket and cupcakes.” Cute!!! Read More ›

    Ryan Northover 5 years ago 9 responses

  • viral

    Elise Tan Roberts

    Elise Tan Roberts is a 2-year-old toddler genius with an IQ of 156 (just to put that in perspective, the average IQ in the general population is 100). She has just been named the youngest (and cutest!) member of Mensa, which normally doesn’t accept members under the age of 10. At 2, Elise can already spell her name, recite the alphabet, name 35 capital cities, and identify the three types of triangle. Read More ›

    Ryan Northover 5 years ago 37 responses

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