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  • Natalie Portman Is Single Again

    Natalie Portman is single again, having broken up with boyfriend of 6 months, Devendra Banhart. Natalie and the hairy, bearded folk singer first met while shooting his “Carmensita” music video. While the true reason of their split is unknown, might it have to do with the fact that Natalie had to pull small, black hairs out of her mouth every time she kissed her BF? Either that, or she was sick of him stealing her eyeliner and nail polish. Read More ›

    Lauren Cook 5 years ago 1 response

  • Blahgirls

    Ashton Kutcher started a bloggy web project that puts a “teen twist” (read: satirical spin) on celebrity culture. Kutcher is an actor, producer, model, and now an official tech darling. Is there anything this man can’t do or are we just being Punk’d into believing that there’s more to this guy than foppish good looks and a hot ball ‘n chain? Read More ›

    Eliot Glazer 5 years ago 1 response