bush shoe attacks

  • Ducati Model 271

    A shoemaker in Istanbul says it was his Ducati Model 271 black leather oxfords that were chucked at the president. The Baydan Shoe Company is ordering thousands of new pairs and preparing an advertising campaign with posters that say “Goodbye Bush, Welcome Democracy.” Get ready for the hottest footwear trend of 2009!

    Sarah Morgan 5 years ago respond

  • viral

    Bush Shoe Attack Flash Games!

    Thank you internet, for producing two timely and effective Bush shoe attack flash games! The first is Bush’s Boot Camp, and as a Secret Service agent you shoot the shoes before they hit the president. In the second, That Time When That Guy Totally Threw A Shoe At President Bush: The Game, you’re the Iraqi journalist with an unlimited supply of shoes. I like it better. But still, two games, two perspectives. It’s up to you to check ‘em out and taste history’s dirty feet. Got more? Add them below! Read More ›

    Brian Ries 5 years ago 1 response

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