Bush Doctrine

  • FAIL Overload?

    If you’re alive and have been using the internet lately, you’ve inevitably heard the term, “FAIL” (used primarily in conjunction with “Sarah Palin” or when anyone truly f*cks up). But is there a FAIL backlash on the horizon? Even crappy verbage like LOL has survived the test of time. So WTF? Why not FAIL? Read More ›

    Lauren Cook 5 years ago 2 responses

  • Sarah Palin’s First Gaffe

    Last night, Sarah Palin participated in her first televised interview since becoming John Mccain’s running mate, but choked when asked about her opinion on the Bush Doctrine. The first part of the interview with Charles Gibson aired yesterday on ABC. Though she managed to stay confident and prove her ability to somewhat hold her own, Palin crashed and burned after she showed her lack of knowledge about the current administration’s controversial foreign policy regarding the war on terror. Read More ›

    Taylor Magenheim 5 years ago respond

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