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  • FAA Shut Down Because Republicans Hate Unions

    Costing the United States $30 million a day, furloughing 4,000 workers and eliminating 70,000 jobs, Republicans have essentially shut down the Federal Aviation Administration because they don’t want to make it easier for its employees to unionize. Not to mention handicapping critical safety and oversight for millions of American’s flying through the air in giant metal tubes propelled by explosive fluid. View List ›

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  • Default Averted, Everyone Still Pissed

    President Obama signed the bill to raise the debt ceiling today, avoiding a potentially catastrophic blow to the United States economy. In the process, however, he had to sign off on a $2 trillion deficit reduction plan his own party thinks is too drastic and Republicans think isn’t drastic enough. Politics is the great art of disappointment. View List ›

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  • Republicans Use Clip From ‘The Town’ To Rally Support For Debt Bill, Ben Affleck Responds

    Trying to inspire the GOP to vote for John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill, the House Majority Whip showed a clip from Ben Affleck’s “The Town.” Ben Affleck was very confused by this. Here is the clip, along with Ben Affleck’s response to the use of his film to drum up Tea Party support. Is it really a good idea to use a quote with the line “We’re going to hurt some people” in relation to public policy? (via View List ›

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    President Obama Vs. Eric Cantor

    Here’s the widely reported rhetorical smackdown that President Obama delivered to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor during yesterday’s debt ceiling negotiations, conveniently presented in words and pictures. All of Obama’s remarks are quotes provided by multiple sources who attended the meeting, including Cantor himself. All of Cantor’s remarks are admittedly simplified paraphrases based on the same sources. View List ›

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  • Congress Won’t Authorize Military Mission In Libya, But Won’t Cut Off Funding

    The Republican-controlled House of Representatives earlier today defeated a symbolic measure to give President Obama authority to continue the U.S. intervention in Libya, but in a later vote refused to actually defund the intervention. The first vote was a rebuke of President Obama and his use of executive power, the second vote showed divisions within the Republican party when it comes to politicizing military matters. View List ›

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